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The Forgotten Pages - Vasilisa by sconesandpancakes The Forgotten Pages - Vasilisa by sconesandpancakes

Really sorry for the delay! I figure it's still the 8th somewhere aka I spent so long on this and I REFUSE to let my internet connection ruin that
Applying for :icontheforgottenpages:

I decided to try cell shading again for some of this!! Not entirely sure how successful I was OTL

EDIT: Updated her personality a little

Name: Vasilisa Kozlovskaya

Title: Vasilisa the Beautiful

Age: 19

Height: 5'9

Weight: 125lbs (I hope this is sensible?? I have no idea)

Story: Vasilisa the Beautiful/Vasilisa the Brave/Vasilisa's Doll

Faction: Märchen 

Occupation: Tailor (back up - jeweller, shoemaker)

Skills: пламя: Pyromancy. Vasilisa creates and controls a powerful blaze. How far the source is from her is of no consequence, as long as the flame originates from the skull candle (received from an elderly female relative) she keeps in her garden. The candle has never been extinguished, and frankly, Vasilisa doesn't want to test it. Her grandmother is not a fan, and has reassured her that if she ruins her petunias on more time she's kicking her out. High energy, highly destructive, difficult to control.

спиритический сеанс: Vasilisa holds a seance. In order to do this, a new doll must be sewn for each person who is to be contacted - the dead often refuse to share - the doll itself does not speak, but communicates through Vasilisa. Her control over this is very poor too: she struggles at times to recognise where the lines between herself and the spirit end - for one, telling which thoughts are her own is difficult. This can have some particularly bizarre side effects in that she has a tendency to adopt the speaking patterns of the dead person which is totally not groovy, ya know?? She has a 70% success rate of contacting the right person with a doll, meaning a sitting that was planned to utter perfection may turn out so not swaggy.

Personality: Vasilisa by nature is highly compassionate . She has a deep concern for people in general, and will go out of her way to help someone who asks her. She does, however, have serious issues with understanding . The complexities in language, tone and expression are those she has difficulty registering - as a result, those around her often find issues with a lack of compassion - she will often not try to comfort others until they are on the brink of tears, and regularly fails to pick up on the social cues that would tell most people that she is doing something that is bothering them, because she simply does not recognise that anything is wrong.
She is, as can be deduced from this, incredibly literal - she will interpret every word you say, figure of speech or dripping with sarcasm, as 100% sincere. Because of this she has a particularly odd sense of humour - deadpan and pessimistic, but not sarcastic - and she probably won't catch on to anyone else's jokes.
She's fairly blunt in conversation, so while there is no malice in it, this, combined with her vanity and single minded devotion to clothing/tailoring/sewing can lead to some truly scathing comments.
She's not particularly expressive until you start her on something she's passionate about, in which case she'll talk about it for hours, talking increasingly faster, accent becoming less and less comprehensible until you're only vaguely aware that she might be speaking the same language.
Vasilisa is fairly gullible - she genuinely wants to trust people, and in less well intentioned cities than Marchen, has the potential to make some disastrous decisions. Her reaction to a betrayal, long before anger, would be confusion and distress. Word is sacred to Vasilisa, and breaking it a cardinal sin.
She is incredibly fond of animals because they are simple and non-judgemental and experts at disposing of Grandma's ugly carpets. However, she's fairly ruthless in her love of them: she's the type to give a mercy kill to an animal in pain to ease it's suffering. She's really not soft hearted at all.

Likes and Dislikes: 

+ design
+ sewing
+ animals
+ children
+ watching sunrise/sunsets
+ flowers/the spring

- mathematics
- reading
- sarcasm
- cruel jokes
- most shades of orange

Vasilisa remembers.
She remembers a mother and a father and some truly awful winters - she remembers a land frozen solid, and a dark cottage in the woods with the three servants and the old withering, wizened woman with teeth stained black from the vile words she speaks, and the tall men on their horses and the hour glass and -
A thousand other things that someone who has never left Conte de Fees has no way of knowing. The river in Marchen has never frozen solid, she has been assured, and her grandmother has lived far longer than she has. There are no dark woods in Marchen. There is nothing of darkness in Marchen. Certainly not the woman.
She remembers a stepmother - two sisters, instead of three. She remembers the screaming and the violence and the cold of the night and the awful sense of not belonging.
Nadezhda is not so cruel. She is distant and disdainful but she is not cruel. She wouldn't hurt her, she tells herself, and she never did. But when she clutches the doll closer she remembers what she knows she cannot.
She remembers her mothers death; the doll she gave her. The doll remembers too. She had named it after her. Lissa, her mother smiled as she brandished her handiwork before her. It's so much clumsier than her own, but she kept it. She remembers that. Fully.
And when she holds the dolls - her own - she remembers a thousand other things - a grand explosion, a revolution, her coronation, Mei's wedding (she is sad about this one, she thinks) - but none are as clear as Lissa's.
She remembers the fire.
She remembers her stepsisters screams - she remembers the desolate look on her stepmothers face, how she tore up her arms with her talon-nails, how she blamed god and earth and the devil, but none so much as she blamed herself. She remembers the smoke, the heat and the pain.
A fire she had never experienced. 
How could she? She hadn't lived with her stepmother for years. She was far more comfortable with Grandma. A life far away from stress and abandonment, from fear and hate, and from fires she'd never seen.
Fires from which the scars have yet to fade. 

((Vasilisa lived with her mother and father until she was 8, when her mother died and her father remarried. They were fairly wealthy and the woman her father married was of rather high social standing, so they were rather well off. Her stepmother was rather cold, but not entirely a bad person. Their relationship was never great though, so when her father left for business Vasilisa moved in with her grandmother, whom she now takes care of. Her affinity with the doll her mother left her has gradually increased, leaving her with a strange fusion of her true memories and the memories of the Vasilisa of the fairy tale. The burn scars gradually appearing on her arms are a matter of great distress to her, not only out of vanity but from what they represent: a reality less concrete by the minute.))

Other: .
Crippling fear of the dark
Occasionally when feeling a strong emotion forgets to 'tell her face', giving off a really strange time delay between when she starts talking about something that makes her happy and when she remembers she's supposed to smile.
I'm not sure about her sexuality yet but I don't think she's straight - maybe a 4?? (kinsey scale) All my ocs have been 1-3 so far?
Spends stupid amounts of time on her appearance. Vain??? She has no idea what you're talking about.
I imagine everything she says in a heavy Russian accent, in near total deadpan.

Relationships: N/A

I think that's everything? 
Sparks-Frost Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
When you get a chance you can put her occupation down as Jeweler. Sorry that it's taken so long to get that established. 
meriolli Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
hope to see you around hee
sconesandpancakes Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Ah thank you! I'm sorry it took so long to reply exams are the worst OTL
I'm relieved that you think so because I have close to no idea how to design anything but I can't stop making vain ocs sobs

Looking forward to rping with you! Deer people are the cutest <3
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